What Is the Best Way to Charge the House and Starter Battery on My C&C 27 Sailboat?


I have two 62AH AGM batteries (house and motor) and one 37A original alternator on an Atomic 4 gas engine that came with my C&C27 MkIII. Which system do you recommend to keep both batteries charged? How do I wire it and why? Automatic Charging Relay, Digital Echo-Charger or other? How badly do you think I'd need an alternator aegulator with this set-up if I want to keep spending reasonably on a 40 year old sail boat? Thank you in advance and thank you for the passion you show in what you do. - Luis


With similar sized batteries, I would recommend installing a Bluesea ACR between both batteries. Based on the size of your battery bank, your stock alternator regulator is well sized for its purpose.  Thanks for the feedback on our content. - Jeff