Power Requirements of a Nest Camera?


What are the power requirements of a Nest Camera? What is the amperage draw, at rest, in standby and when filming? I was wondering if the camera would place a significant draw on the battery bank when the boat and battery charger were not connected to shore power. - Gary


We recently installed a Nest Camera and can confirm it will run on your 12V system. The easiest solution is to connect a DC powered USB plug and plug in the Nest provided 10 foot micro-USB cable. It is suggested to not extend the USB cable to a longer length.

We have never tested the camera ourselves for power consumption, but I would budget about 1 amp at 12VDC. I would only install the camera if you were planning on keeping your boat connected to shorepower with a charger or if the sun was shining and your solar panel was outputting at a good level.  Otherwise, within the course of a week your batteries would be drained – Jeff