What Are the Electrical Considerations for Purchasing a Boat in Europe to Use in Canada?


First I want to say that I have really enjoyed reading your articles in PY. I have learned a lot.  Great service.  I am contemplating buying a 2006 Grand Banks 46 in Europe as it is the most recent vintage available, in very good condition, and these are rare in North America.  The obvious issue though is that it is wired for 220V 50hz.  What would it take, and budgetary cost, to convert this boat to NA electrical systems when we bring it back here, which we want to do after a year in the Med?  Thanks.  - Greg


For reference, I have included two Tech Talk articles in the sidebar.  Cost really depends on how far along you take the conversion. As a placeholder, I'd budget about $25 - $35k.  The real issue here isn’t voltage since it’s relatively easy to change from 120 to 220 VAC. Your challenge is frequency, here it’s 60 Hz and Europe is 50 Hz. All the appliances on the boat are generally tailored to a specific frequency. The only exception is a battery charger.  - Jeff