What Are the Bulk and Float Charging Voltages for the Firefly Oasis Carbon Foam Battery?


Can you please send me the bulk and float voltages for the Firefly batteries. - James


14.4V and 13.2V

Charge the Oasis to 14.4V with temperature compensation (bulk phase) and continue charging until the charging current drops to 1.5A (absorption phase, time will vary).   You DO NOT need to fully charge the Oasis each cycle in order to maintain the capacity and only need to perform a complete charge cycle when you want to maximize the capacity for the following discharge cycle.  Set the float voltage to 13.2V or less.  The Oasis does not require a float charge, but if float charging, due to the Oasis’s longer projected lifespan, it is important to keep the float voltage at or below 13.2V to ensure the battery lasts for as many cycles as possible.  Reset to bulk phase: for programmable charging sources, adjust the “reset to bulk phase” to occur if the battery voltage drops below 12.0V for >1 minute.

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