What Are the Best Connectors for Wiring and What About Lightening Strikes in the PNW?


There has been much discussion lately on the Nordhavn board relative to the current state of best practice for wiring interconnects on the boats. The advent of relatively economic IP67,68,69 connectors (many including EMI shielding needed for CANBUS), developed primarily in the automotive area, in other than milspec or undersea rated items has raised the question. Available for both power and data the connectors are much like the MC-4 connectors Jeff talks about in the solar seminars. Has PYS developed a recommendation for the use of these environmentally hardened connectors? Especially as regards the power connectors? Further, due to the level of your experience, have you developed/designed a "best practice" lightning/transient mitigation system of would you be willing to consult on such a system? - Larry


Thanks for reaching out to PYS about marine electrical systems:

  1. MC4 and Canbus connectors are built for a specific purpose and nothing similar exists for doing IP connection for power systems. We’d recommend going with tinned terminals and heat shrink on electrical connections.
  2. The Pacific NW does not experience many thunderstorms or lightening, consequently we don’t get to deal with the consequences or the damage prevention related to lighting strikes. Best to contact someone in a geographical area where lightening is real and constant menace.  - Jeff