Two New Blowers in the Engine Room, Do I Need Two New Fuses?


Hi Jeff, I am in the process of slowly rewiring my "new" old boat. I want to change out the engine room blowers with 2 new ones. I want to put them on the same feed. They require a 6 amp fuse. Do I run one 6 amp fuse for both blowers or a 12 amp fuse for both blowers or do I put in an in line 6 amp fuse going to each blower? Thank you in advance. - Ramon


You bring a good question, ideally you want a breaker for each blower. Failing that, you’ll have a breaker rated to handle both blowers and then you’ll run dedicated cable with its own dedicated 6 amp fuse right after the breaker. Effectively each circuit from breaker to blower is protected by a 6 amp fuse at the start of  the circuit, and then both circuits are protected by a 15 amp circuit breaker.