SuperHalo Cell Booster Install Tip To Increase The Signal


I read your website article about the Super Halo cell booster and have a question about my set up. I have a Chris Craft Roamer 40 express cruiser and have a Shakespear Super Halo that was installed by a professional marine electrician. My internal antennae and booster module are mounted behind a thick fiberglass framed settee with a wood frame and thick pad in the main cabin down below.  Is it possible that Could block or reduce the signal to my phone?

I don’t seem to be getting the signal strength I should. The external antenna is mounted up on the mast about 17-20ft away and superior to the internal antenna  Any advice on how to maximize my signal would be greatly appreciated!   - John



Good question. It is certainly possible that the repeater cell signal from the internal antenna is attenuated by all that material in front of the antenna. For the SuperHalo installed on my boat, I try to locate my mobile phone as close to interior directional cell antenna as much as possible. It’s surprising to see how a few feet affects the cell signal. - Jeff