Suggestion on How to Protect a Firefly Battery Bank from Complete Discharge


We have regular power outages here, and when that happens, I run down to the boat to shut the systems off, like the inverter and any optional power loads. The question I have it this; if I can’t get to the boat and the power draws down because something is on, will the system go into a safe mode and shut down to protect the batteries? I know the Firefly batteries are much more forgiving on discharge but to a point.  - Tony


Hi Tony, a depleted battery bank is very serious even with Firefly batteries, especially if you get an empty battery bank (i.e. 10.5 Volts or less).  The Firefly battery can handle a deeper discharge than all other lead acid batteries, but a full discharge is harmful to any battery bank. There is no voltage cut-off device the turns off your battery bank in case of complete voltage lose. I’d suggest you turn off all your battery switches before leaving the boat. In turn, this will mean that no DC loads will work aboard your boat. Unfortunately, you have to choose running a load at the dock and potentially losing power and emptying your batteries or turning off your battery switches and protecting your batteries. - Jeff

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