Solar Panels and Shading on Sailboat?


I would like to thank you for your Teck talks. They helped alot in rewiring and making good decisions in regards to my charging systems. I am currently looking at my solar system, it is a little difficult to find a good location for panels as I don't have a bimini and a very long boom. I would like to add about 400 watts of solar and a wind generator for winter. My usage is very small right now about 22 amp hours per day, as I don't have a fridge but I will add one once I feel I have enough excess power. Any ideas? - David


Thanks for the reach out and glad our videos are informative. Most of us boaters, do what we can with solar and rarely do what we want. Based on your boat size, a 400 watt would be really good, the challenge is finding a space for it. Some boaters install the panels on the canvas, mounted on the deck, or even hanging from the lifelines. It’s a challenge, but do what you can.