Should My High Water Alarm Be Switched or Unswitched With the Bilge Pump?


I currently have a high water alarm on my boat. It is wired to the “switched” side of the house bank. I was wondering if this is correct or should it be wired to the “unswitched” side (with the bilge pumps)? When I leave the boat at the dock I always leave the switch “off” , so the alarm would not function, however I doubt anyone could hear it outside the boat anyway. My theory is that I want the alarm to sound when I am on the boat. Just wondering if there is an official rule on this. (no pun intended). Thanks in advance. I am really enjoying the web site and the you tube channel! - Roger


Hi Roger, location of the power circuit for a high water alarm is definitely a grey area. Notwithstanding, on my own boat the high water alarm is unswitched like the bilge pump. Glad our YouTube and website content is resonating with you.  - Jeff