Should I Run My 12V Fridge Directly from My Batteries or Through My Inverter?


Thank you again for your very informative presentation at Burrard Yacht club. I had a question but forgot to ask you that night. We need to change our 6 cu ft fridge from propane to power and are getting a number of pros and cons re DC 12 volt verses AC 110V Two options? # 1 -To run the fridge on 12v DC all the time even when plugged into shore power. Running it directly off the batteries making the batteries and the charger work a little all the time. (When we are away we run the generator a couple of hours daily for the 6 golf cart batteries (and 2 D4 starting batteries) as we also have a small deep freeze.) # 2 – running the fridge on AC 110v through the inverter. Some information we have been able to find suggests that 12volt is less of a draw. We have a propane stove and instant on hot water heater so no power consumption there. - Alf


Your hunch is right, definitely run the fridge on 12 VDC power as it draws less power.  Running the fridge through the inverter is too inefficient. - Jeff