External Fan for Inverter/Charger?


I would like to install a fan in the area that I have installed the inverter. I have cut two large holes to help with circulation but I still don't think there is enough ventilation. Is it possible to add a fan that operates automatically each time the inverter turns on?


I would suggest installing a brushless 12VDC computer fan, they are quiet and have low power draw.  For background, recall the your inverter/charger has a pass-through feature, which means that the AC output of inverter lets “AC pass-through” if it sees AC on the AC input. Consequently, measuring AC on the AC output, doesn’t mean that inverter is on. Also, the charger function of the inverter/charger creates heat and so you probably want a fan when the charger is on all the time.

 Not sure how you would trigger the fan to turn-on only when the inverter/charger is on. If you get a low-amp one, you wouldn’t need to get a complicated relay system in there to make it happen.

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