Should I Add a Breaker or Fuse Between the Solar Panel and the Controller?


Good Day.I am installing 4 Solbian solar panels each with their own dedicated MTTP controller as follows: 2x SP118's with Victron 75/15's 2x SP78 with Genasun 8PB,s. Each MTTP will be fused between the MTTP to a common positive wire at the batterry but need your advice on whether I should add a breaker or fuse between the solar panels and each MTTP? I was thinking that a breaker would be good in case there is a need to isolate the power coming from the panel. Appreciate any advice/recomendation Thank you...Barry PS - Thank you for all the educational information and videos you have posted. Very helpful.


Hi Barry, make sure you fuse the MPPT controller connection to the battery at the battery itself. The location of this fuse needs to be as closest to the battery as possible. You can certainly install a circuit breaker or fuse between the MPPT and solar panel as a means of isolating the solar panel itself.  - Jeff