Replacing Inverter/Charger


Hello Jeff!   First, I want you to know that I really enjoy and learn a lot from all your videos on YouTube. I recently purchased a 1983 Islander 40 with older electronics and charging systems. My question, what cost efficient Inverter/Battery Charger would you recommend to replace the Heart Interface Freedom 20 that is currently in my boat. It appears to be working alright, however, as you know, Murphy’s-Law always has a tendency to take place while in dire needs situations.

The boat is in its slip in Long Beach, California, while I live in Utah. So, the need for a dependablebattery charging systemis essential to the survival of this vessel and my wallet.  My solar panels are close to shot, I have 4 house batteries, one engine battery, and would like to update the solar power system as well. Also, what's your opinion on the "All-in-One Solar Power System" in the link

Thank you for your time and well appreciated expertise!! - Hector


Hi Hector,

Thanks for the reach out. Suggest you consider the either the Xantrex SW2012 or the XC2000 inverter/charger. The SW2012 is for boaters that absolutely need an inverter/charger, the XC2000 is for boaters that want an inverter. Basically the SW2012 is made for heavy duty use and the XC2000 is for lighter and intermittent use.  Not familiar with that solar setup.  Jeff

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