Is This an Approved Marine Electrical Box


Hello, I'm a surveyor in Washington and came across this breaker box that I haven't seen for awhile on a 1974 Tollycraft. I can't find any info on whether this is still approved or if it should be replaced. If I remember it is now obsolete but can't remember why. I'm hoping you can give me some direction.  Thank you in advance. By the way, your UTube videos are outstanding and a big help for those of us that are somewhat electrically impaired.

- Tom


Hi Tom, thanks for the feedback and glad PYS's electrical YouTube content is resonating with fellow boaters. I'd definitely replace with a modern non-household electrical panel, i.e. a proper marine panel. Marine AC panels, should have a reverse polarity light, AC voltmeter, double-pole breaker for AC main breaker, and be properly grounded.

- Jeff