Installing a DIY Inverter/Charger?


In your diagrams, you show an inverter DC switched and a charger DC unswitched. If you have an inverter/charger, how does it get wired? If it's switched won't the charging function be disabled if the house switch is off? Why not just use the DC disconnect switch instead of the panel? Fused of course. Also, if it is much easier to use a disconnect switch for the the appliances and fridge (fused)? Can these be run to the unswitched bar? This would make wire running much easier. Too old for boat yoga. - Neil


Hi Neil,

The service disconnect inverter/charger switch is only to be used to isolate the inverter/charger when servicing the AC system on your boat. Like a battery switch it definitely needs to be accessible. You need to have the inverter/charger circuit connected to the unswitched positive distribution. The inverter/charger positive circuit needs a fuse at the start of the circuit (at the battery) and an on/off switch somewhere along the circuit.  - Jeff


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