My Charger Won’t Go Into Float Mode?


My inverter/charger will not enter float stage, it seems to be stuck in bulk charge. All of the battery parameters are set correctly as far as I can tell. But when the batteries are being charged, the unit seems to be stuck at 7 amps (remaining until batteries are charged). According to the manual the unit will not enter "float" charging mode until its at 5 amps. But for some reason the batteries won't get to that point. They are flooded batteries, checked water levels today: no problem. - Andrew


Sorry about your inverter/charger troubles. It’s possible your inverter/charger is running your DC loads, and that charging to offset any DC loads exceeds 5 amps. Recommend you turn off all loads from the battery, basically no DC appliances are powered or even turned on. Without any loads, find out if your inverter/charger amperage goes below 5 amps?  If your inverter/charger doesn’t go below 5 amps, then the issue might be a weak battery bank or perhaps it’s the charger.  -Jeff

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