Mounting Flexible Solar Panels Directly on a Hard Surface


Hi Jeff, purchased five Solbian SP series Panels from you a few years ago. We installed them on our canvas dodger and bimini and were able to use them last season. we were very pleased with their performance.

We are having a new hard-top dodger and bimini built and would like to install the panels on them with stainless fastening devices.  In talking to you in the past and on watching your video on solar panels I am under the impression that the panels can be mounted directly on a hard dodger or bimini and that they are designed to withstand the heat encountered with this type of installation. Is this correct? Any brief comments you may have on this matter would be greatly appreciated. - Garth


Hi Garth, glad to know your Solbian SP panels are doing well. Yes, you can certainly install those Solbian flexible panels directly onto a hard top without the need for an airgap. Flexible solar cells unlike rigid solar cells don't need an air gap underneath. - Jeff