LED Light Replacement Advice?


You have done some work on my Catalina 32 in the past. Now I would like to update my lighting system to LED lights. I currently have a hockey puck sized light fixture that contains an incandescent light bulb. The light is poor and yellow. I have 8 of them in the main cabin about a 3 inch size with a 1 ¾ inch hole in the cabin ceiling. If I bring you the bulb, would you recommend a replacement?


You will definitely appreciate the power savings of going to LED lights. Many of our clients have tackled the same project.

Since we are not stocked like a retail outlet, I would suggest your best bet would be to head to your local chandlery of choice and bring the bulb there with you. For instance, Steveston Marine has a large selection of LED bulbs right in the store. Other boaters find it beneficial to buy a few samples and try them on their boat before taking the plunge and buying all of them.