Automotive Wiring Harness Kit for my Boat?


A few years ago I helped a friend rewire his VW bus. It was really easy because we were able to purchase a wiring harness kit which had all the wires pre-cut, crimped, etc. for the entire bus. Does anything like this exist for a C&C 30 sailboat? My boyfriend is thinking about rewiring his boat this summer and I am looking into the possible options. If a harness kit or similar doesn't exist, could you please tell me what options you may have available?


Hi Kathy,

The short answer is no.

In my opinion, here’s why:

  1. Boat models are not mass produced like vehicles. There are probably different incentives to systemize the whole process in cookie-cutter components.
  2. Boats are highly customized unlike vehicles. This customization makes every same make and model quite different once it leaves the factory.

Good luck with you project.