Is There Such a Thing as a DC Powered Air Conditioning System for Your Boat?


Because my wife has a cruel sense of humor after multiple deployments in the Middle East, when I retire we are becoming liveaboard sailers on a 43 foot Endeavor, primarily in warm climates. I need AC or a divorce attorney. I determined AC to be cheaper. What can you tell me about DC air conditioners versus AC? DC seems like a very good option for uncomplicated air conditioning needs. - Benjamin


With a boat your size, most of the air conditioning systems are powered by an AC generator or shore power. Eventually the power requirements for air conditioning easily exceed the power available from a reasonable sized flooded lead acid battery bank. At that point, if you have a large lithium battery bank and a larger inverter system, you could run your AC air conditioning from an inverter powered by lithium batteries.  If you find a DC powered air conditioning system for your boat, let me know as I’d be curious to know about it. - Jeff