Is There a Gas Heater Similar to a Diesel Heater?


I'm considering installing a small diesel or gas heater on my Sea Ray 270. Rather than install a diesel heater that needs it's own stand-alone 2nd fuel tank with the need to carry extra diesel fuel in a portable container, wouldn't it be better to simply install a gas heater (available from many of the same manufacturers) that gets it's fuel from my boat's 100 gallon gas tank?  - Tom


Good question but unfortunately only have experience with diesel heaters.

Here in the Pacific Northwest, I have never come across a boat that has a gasoline powered heater. All the heaters I’m familiar with are either powered by diesel or kerosene. With gasoline powered boats, the challenge is installing an ignition protected heater in the engine room or installing a diesel powered heater outside of the engine room and completely isolated from any gasoline vapor. - Jeff