Is It Possible to Use a Nespresso Machine in My Boat by ‘Simply’ Adding a Converter?


Hi Jeff, here a question from The Netherlands!  Just like you I like a good espresso in my boat (Admirals Tender X28).  In my boat I have a starter battery and a house battery. The house battery is a new Victron AGM 130Ah separated from the starter battery by a VSR. Is it possible to use a nespresso machine in my boat by ‘simply’ adding a converter? If yes, what more do I need?  Thanks a lot - Tim


To run a Nespresso machine, you'll need to have a 2000 watt inverter connected to your house battery. Your AGM 130 Ah can run the inverter to power the Nespresso, but will only be able to do it when the battery is charged about 80% or more. - Jeff

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