Is Adding Solar Panels Plug and Play?


Hey Jeff I've watched every single one of your YouTube videos.  I've got a 400 watt solar array on my '96 420 aft cabin Sea Ray and want to another 400 watts to run my galley systems (frigerator, freezer etc).  How do I do that if I add a designated battery bank?  What else do I need to do to get to plug and play - I know it's not that simple but could you tell me in layman's terms I'd appreciate it.  I've asked around and got numerous ideas but I want to hear it from the pro and that would be you!  - Kevin


Hi Ray, adding a new 400 watt solar array to a potential new designated battery bank as you probably know takes some planning to do it correctly. Unfortunately, we don’t have a prepared presentation or article on this topic and it’s a good suggestion for a future topic.

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