Is a 10 Amp Charger Enough for My Starter Battery?


Great video with Magic Carpet folks.  For charging my flooded lead acid starter battery and similar winch/bow thruster, I use two Noco 10 amp chargers, one each, powered from the boat's AC system that has a Magnum 1812 inverter/charger. I spend a lot of time on shore power but some externsive cruising also. I realize there are some efficiency loses but I consider them not of great concern. A 10 amp charge is not a lot but these batteries get only intermittent use. I have no solar or genset and a 50 amp alternator.  Comment? - Thomas


Thanks for reaching out, glad to hear you are enjoying the videos.

Typically, I would suggest around a 10% charge rate for a lead acid battery based on it capacity, those batteries likely have a rating around 100 Ah each, therefore your 10 amp charger should be sufficient.

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