Inverter/Charger Connection to Battery


Good evening, I have been searching for information on how to correctly connect an inverter/charger to (2) 12V batteries. The batteries are my house bank on Catalina 34. Currently, the batteries are connected in series and mainly supply power to a small compressor refrigeration unit.  - Rob


Hi Rob, the first step is to double-check how your house batteries are wired. Two 12 VDC batteries wired in series, would give you a 24 VDC battery bank. From my experience, all Catalina 30, 34, 36, 42 are wired for 12 VDC. Most likely, your batteries are either in parallel or simply single batteries connected to a battery switch.  Second, you’ll need to choose your house battery bank and wire your inverter to it via a /charger battery switch and also an inverter fuse. Here’s a conceptual diagram to help,  - Jeff

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