Inverter/Charger Connected to Source Selector Switch


I am installing a large Magnum inverter/charger on an older Hatteras MY. For several reasons, I do not plan to use the AC pass-thru feature. The boat was originally wired at the master AC panel with rotary switches for Generator1 and Generator2 AC inputs. Only Gen1 was installed, leaving the Gen2 switch open. Is there any problem wiring the AC output from the Magnum to the inputs at Gen2? I realize I will have to turn off the heavy AC loads at the main panel breakers before I engage the Gen2 rotary switch.  - John


Hi John, although the setup you discuss isn’t all that popular we do run across it sometimes, albeit never installed a system like this. Since you have a inverter/charger and not just an inverter your setup is slightly more complicated. Even when you are on shore or generator power, you need to energize your inverter/charger so the charger works. Effectively also energizing the inverter/charger output. But you can cannot energize the inverter/charger when powering the boat with the inverter/charger.  All of this sounds pretty complicated to me. Perhaps best to get a separate inverter and separate charger.  - Jeff

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