Inverter and Alternator Connections Directly to the Battery via a Busbar?


Understanding I don’t know as much as the engineers who wrote the manual for my inverter and alternator, they both call for connections directly to the battery however I would like to connect to a bus bar located directly to the battery box (a neater and more secure connection with one connection per lug), is that acceptable? If so, is a circuit breaker needed prior to the bus bar? I will be providing breakers directly after the bus bar rated for wire and loads in accordance with the manuals. I’m also not seeing any specifications for the size of paralleling cables for the batteries (4 group 31 firefly agm’s) do you have a recommendation? - Craig


Bring the alternator and inverter positive to a unswitched positive distribution.  All circuits need to be fused. Including the positive unswitched distribution. For jumpers, use 2/0 wiring. - Jeff

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