I Have a Catamaran With Two Alternators, 1 House Bank and 2 Start Batteries - Should I Use an ACR or DC to DC Converters to Then Charge the Start Batteries?


I have watched many hours of your videos and love the content but let's talk catamarans I have two alternators, 1 house bank, and 2 start batteries. From what I have learned from you I should wire both alternators to a positive bus bar direct to the house bank. My question is should I use ACRs or DC to DC converters to then charge the start batteries? Which is better for this application?  - Keth 


Hi Keth, thanks for the feedback.  For sharing the charging voltage from your alternators to the engine batteries, I suggest you install DC to DC charging converters over battery combiners. DC to DC charging converters are rate limited and will never draw more then it’s rated output, removing the chance of nuisance tripping. - Jeff

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