I Have a 10kw Electric Motor and a 48v Lithium Battery Bank - Can I Charge My 12v House Bank?


Hi Jeff and gang, I have a 10kw electric motor supplied by a 48v lithium ion battery bank. Can I charge my 12v house battery from it or, do I need a separate charger (as suggested to me by my surveyor). Right now it has a cheap Canadian Tire plug in for the 12v battery. If yes, what kind of converter do I need? - Etienne


For charging your 12v battery we would recommend using a 48v-12v DC-DC charger. That way when your 48vDC bank is charging from shore the power will be passed through to the 12v battery.

Here is a link to the product we use for this purpose - the 48/12/9a model is $200 and could be shipped to you in Ontario.


- Jeff

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