I Am Adding a Third Battery Bank to My Charger - What Should I Know?


Hope your doing well, loving your VLOG - you are a natural on the camera! You installed a Xantrex true charge2 on my boat. I have added 1 more battery to my house bank giving me three. I was going thru the manual to see if there was anything I needed to change in the parameters. It shows a positive lead going to each positive battery terminal on page 28. When I look at what was done there is only one lead to one battery. Not sure what to do was it missed or not important. Please help by the way the electrical system has been working great. - Scott


Adding a third battery bank to your battery charger, as you guessed it, isn’t complicated. Make sure the third output of the battery charger is connected to the new battery via a fuse (1.25 X amperage of charger, e.g. 40 amp charger is 1.25 X 40 = 50 amp fuse, e.g. 20 amp charger is 25 amp fuse). Size the wire between the charger and the battery to handle max amperage of rated fuse, i.e. 50 amp or 25 amp.

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