Can You Size an Solar Array for a Specific Area on My Bimini?


I am looking at adding solar to my boat. I would like to put flexible panels on top of my Bimini. I have a width of 2082mm between my back stays and a front to back length of 1524 mm. My biggest power user this time of year is the fridge which draws 67 watts when running other than the occasional use of the water pump and some LED lights in the evening. We do not use much power. I do have an Espar hydronic heating system but I do not have the power draw for that currently. What kind of power can I get packed into that space on top of my Bimini?


After converting your dimensions to inches; 82” X 60”, you could probably fit at least two, if not three of the Gioco 145, 150, or 170 panels. If cost is king, three Gioco 145 panels would be ideal. That would mean 435 watts, or a daily amp-hour output of 87 Amp-hours to 108.75 Amp-hours.