How Much Does the Sheathing in Bundled “Boat Cable” Help Prevent Chafe as Opposed to the Twisted Pair With No Sheathing?


Jeff, when rewiring the 12 volt side of a boat's electrical system, is there an advantage to twisting the positive/negative conductors or just use the 2 pair "boat cable" (not just around the compass, but all the runs)? Is the canceling of the magnetic field on all runs worth the time to twist the wires? How much does the sheathing in bunded "boat cable" help prevent chafe as opposed to the twisted pair with no sheathing? Thanks -  Craig


Thanks for reaching out to PYS.  Great question, for the most part it is not worth your efforts to use the twisted cables all over the boat. The sheathing on the boat cables not only helps to prevent chafing but acts as another barrier between the conductors and the outside world. These sheaths are rated for certain temperatures as well as again chemicals that could cause conductors to be dangerously exposed.