How Do I Wire My Boat for Shore Power?


I have enjoyed your videos. Thank you for sharing so much great info. I am hoping you can offer some advice. The two yellow 30amp shore power cords on my 2003 Carver 366 are factory hardwired back to the breaker panel aboard the boat. The cable sections inside the boat are in perfect condition. The sections outside the boat are getting worn, so I am exploring my options. I want to install standard shore power inlets on the boat but would like to avoid running power lines back to the breaker panel. Can I use the existing yellow shore power cord for the section between the panel and new inlets?  - Richard


My recommendation is for you to run new marine tinned 10/3 wiring inside the boat instead of using the shore power cable. Avoid using a shore power cable inside your boat, as any future survey would likely pick this up and would recommend changing to marine 10/3 indoor wire. - Jeff