How Can I Wire Two Oil Pan Heaters to One Circuit Breaker?


My surveyor recommended hardwiring my two oil pan heaters (one for each engine at 250 watts each) into my boat's 120V AC panel.  The panel has a spare circuit breaker rated for 15amps.  My question is, how can I wire the two oil pan heaters to one circuit breaker?  Do I use a terminal strip with jumpers or a junction box of some sort?   I have found your videos to be extremely useful.  Thank you so much. - Patrick


Great question, other then AC outlets that are daisy chained, I haven’t seen a boat where two AC circuits (i.e. loads) are powered off one AC breaker. Using one breaker for two oil pan heaters, results in having one breaker with a double the amperage of one pan heater. Suggest you install a breaker per circuit. - Jeff