Hot Positive Terminal on My Battery


I have 8 Sonnenschein 8 D batteries in my 12 volt bank with a Vizron 5000 watt inverter The wires are installed so that the positive is picked up at the first battery and the negative is picked up at the last battery.  One battery in the heavy stack now gets a hot positive terminal and is difficult to isolate.  

Is it ok to install from the inverter cables to a big positive and a big negative plate and than from this plate ( all same length) wires to each battery?  It would be easy to diagnose a dead battery and isolate it during operation.  Thanks for your help - Wip


Yes, some boaters certainly do wire each individual battery in a battery bank to a common positive and negative distribution. In turn, each battery has the identical cable length (regardless of need) from the battery to the positive and negative distribution. This allows each battery to have equal resistance and hopefully equal current going through all batteries in your battery bank.