Rewiring Volvo Engine Panel?


Hi Jeff, I am still struggling with my engine panel, the warning lights have more or less all packed in and I am now installing individual meters for the functions. I have acquired an alternator charging monitor with LEDs that tell me when charging is OK. Here are the photos along with a number of questions. (1) Can you tell me which of the wires at the back of the ignition button I should attach the Charging System Monitor? It specifies to a +12 volts when the switch is in the RUN and ACCESSORY position. (2) Can you look at the rear view of the warning light module and confirm that I have it wired correctly? (3) I have to connect a third wire from the CSM to the stator terminal of the alternator. Is there a wire already in the panel that I could connect to that would perform this function? (4) It would seem that I now need to connect up a separate oil pressure gauge. Is there a specific one for Volvo that I must use? If so, do you have it at what cost. Thanks


Hi Geoff,

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that any of the wire color will be used consistently from one make to the next. For instance, with engines brown is commonly used as ignition wire but not always. The only way to confirm is to test.

Good on you to tackle such a project. Changing engine panels is not an easy task.

  1. You should connect to the on or run position on the key of the panel.
  2. Without being there and inspecting the front and back, I cannot confirm this.
  3. Probably they are referring to your tachometer; wire should be already at the panel. 
  4. You probably do not need a Volvo one. However to be safe I would connect your mechanic to get one. We do not sell oil pressure gauges.