Remove Positve Wire from Alternator to Starter?


Hi Jeff and PYS Team, I'm a YouTube subscriber and must tell you how much I value the content you guys are putting out. It has really helped me understand my boat's electrical system and gain confidence in working on it.  My current project is removing the NewMar 1-3-120 diode isolator and replacing it with a Victron ARGOFET isolator. In a couple videos about isolators Jeff mentions removing the positive cable that runs from the alternator to the starter but says he won't go into the "why". I wanted to confirm that removing the cable is correct and see if you could point me to the information source that explains the "why".  Thanks so much! -  John


Hi John, thanks for the feedback, glad PYS YouTube content is resonating with you. With alternator wiring, you only want one path to the batteries. Practically all marine alternators are connected to the unswitched side of the starter solenoid. If you are installing a battery isolator, you’ll be running a new much large wire to the battery isolator and you need only one connection from alternator to battery.  - Jeff

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