Can I Put an AC Heater in a Gasoline Engine Room?


Good morning and happy that I found you in the Northwest Yachting publication. A quick question regarding placing a 110 volt receptacle in the engine room with gas engines. I just purchased a Carver and would like to place a small electric heater in the engine compartment for the winter season, and while the previous owner ran an electrical cord from the galley area to same, I question firstly how safe that is, and secondly only if it is possible, what do you recommend for both the receptacle and the wiring?  Thank you so much in advance, and whatever guidance you can provide would be appreciated.  - Morley


Hi Morley, your concerns about an AC circuit in a gasoline engine room are definitely legitimate. For this scenario, you need to install an ignition proof AC heater. In turn, this AC heater is permanently wired to AC wires (no outlet) in the engine room. For reasons of safety, you cannot have an AC outlet or non-ignition protected heater in a gasoline engine room.  - Jeff