Fusing and Power Loops for NMEA 2000 Backbone?


Jeff, I plan is to add a NMEA 2000 bus to my sailboat.  My first question has to do with protecting the wires.  The manufacturer calls for a 5 amp slow blow fuse, can a 5 amp breaker be used instead? The breaker would allow repowering the NMEA 2000 Bus if needed. This would be on the switched side of the DC electrical system. Also, I read somewhere that you have to watch out for power loops in NMEA? Can you give me an example? - Tom


Perhaps you can do both, install a thermal breaker to act like a switch at the panel, and still install a slow blow fuse for the NMEA 2000 backbones.

Loops only apply when you have multiple power sources energizing your NMEA 2000 backbone.