Firefly vs Flooded Lead Acid Batteries


I am thinking of replacing 3 8D's with six Trojan L16s. I watched one of your videos and wonder if you think the FireFly battery would work? Running your % the Trojans have more available amp-hours for less money. My house charger is 130amp but I would put in a smaller one for the start batt and use the 130 on the house since the batteries would be different. What would you recommend? eight hours overnight on the hook and I am at 70% currently if I ran the genset to 100 before bed.  - Rick


Hi Rick, as a point of reference, about 80% of the boaters we deal with are installing Firefly batteries over other batteries. The main reason for choosing Firefly is battery life, ability to withstand partial state of discharge, and deeper usable depth of discharge. Naturally, all those benefits come at a higher purchase cost but in the end, the Firefly provides better value.  

If you have a long horizon with this boat, go with Firefly battery, you’ll be glad you did.

- Jeff

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