Echo Charge vs ACR?


Thank you for the videos. I purchased a few items to install on my boat this year. I have bought an alternator 100A, victron argofet 200A 3 output, Xantrex 40A 3bank charger, a 100W solar with MPPT. I was looking at adding a Xantrex echo to charge the starter bank from the house bank. The house bank will be charged by the Solar, alternator and shore power. Could an ACR be used instead of the echo charger? Can each system (AC,DC,Solar) be directly connected to the battery or to a bus? - Keith


Good question, and yes an ACR (automatic battery combiner) could definitely be used instead of a Echocharge. The Echocharge is directional and limited to 15 amps. Depending on the ACR you choose, the battery combiner is bi-directional and can handle up to 300 amps. -  Jeff

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