Does PYS Offer Consulting Services?


I have seen your YouTube videos of the boat show classes. Nice work! You are knowledgeable. Since I am in San Diego, I cannot come in and see you, but am wondering if you are available for hire as a consultant? My wife and I are having a 53 foot offshore sailing catamaran built that we plan to circumnavigate. I specified B&G over Raymarine, since I have heard from multiple sources that Raymarine’s quality was low over the past few years, but is now improving under FLIR. However, I hear B&G is still good quality, fewer repairs. In addition, B&G has a plant in Ensenada, Mexico which is 70 miles away. My trade-off is to have less bells and whistles and/or “technical” systems in exchange for fewer repairs and quality construction since we are going to be in remote places and I don’t want to deal with repairs in or out of civilization. The builder will install the chosen system and space is available for any size. Can I hire you for your advice? -Bryan


Thanks for taking the time to reach out to us. Glad to see that our passion for marine electrical and electronics is reaching a boating audience in San Diego.

 Yes, we offer consulting services to boaters, like yourself, who need a sounding board to make informed decisions for their boats.  Looking forward to hearing from you.  -Jeff

Visit our website and download the PDF (on the right hand side) that explains the process,