Do I Keep the Butt Connectors When Rewiring My Cabin Lights?


I am rewiring the cabin lights in my 42 pilothouse.  The old wires run along the side of the cabin top and they used a butt connector to tee a wire off for each cabin light, i.e. two wires on one side of the butt connector, and one on the other side.  When I run the new wires for the lighting, what is the best way to take off the wires for the cabin lights? Do the butt connector tee splices work? Should I use a terminal block (not a lot of space)? Or something else? - Robert


I had the same issue on my boat ! Where space is available install a small 20 amp terminal strip to fan out multiple connections instead of the butt connector with 3 wires. Also. there exists wiring terminals that allow 3 wires to be interconnected together. - Jeff