Do Battery Isolators Modify the Alternator Voltage?


I have a Volvo P D6-400 engine with a standard VP alternator. This feeds an Argodiode which feeds 3 X 95Ah wet maintenance freedom batteries plus a 95Ah starter and a 95Ah thruster. If I decide to change to AGM does a component in the alternator need to change? (Measuring across the Argodiode input was 14.77 and the output 14.45} My question is how is the voltage adjusted for the change to AGM batteries.
When connecting to shore power the boat is connected to Mastervolt 12/35-3 which can be adjusted to AGM. - Stephen


Contrary to popular belief, battery isolators do not modify alternator voltage output. A battery isolator only shares the charging voltage from the alternator. Due to this limitation of battery isolators, it’s suggested that all battery banks connected to a battery isolator be same battery chemistry and want the same battery charge profile.  - Jeff