Advice on Dehumidifiers for Winter?


Do you recommend a dehumidifier on the boat during the winter? At present we have two small heaters, one in the engine room with the hatch open so that some warm air can rise into the salon and the other in the lazaret where the batteries are. If a dehumidifier is the way to go, could you recommend a size and a brand? I have been looking at them in various stores, but they seem all to be designed for homes and too large for boats. Someone advised to get one that fits in the sink so the water will drain straight out. I have not seen one like that.


Small heaters that keep the cabin just above the ambient water temperature are great. You do not want to create too much of a temperature difference as this will cause your boat too sweat too much. I personally do not have a humidifier but prefer to have heat and open ventilation to let the warm moist air to rise out of the boat. The problem with a humidifier is how to handle the water. - Jeff