Contact Cleaner & Corrosion Inhibitor Advice For Corrosion-Free Connections


What product(s) do you recommend to ensure a great electrical contact and make those connections corrosion free? I am looking at battery connections, light bulb bases (like the ones you will find in trailer lights) and wire crimps. I have come across dielectric grease, Lanocote, Noalox, Penetrox, anti-corrosive zinc paste and something with silver particles suspended in a kind of grease.


There are two different questions being posed; contact cleaner and corrosion inhibitor.

Cleaners are not going to leave a protective residue behind as a corrosion inhibitor will. CRC Industries carries both contact cleaner and corrosion inhibitors for electrical contacts.

The most effective and long lasting corrosion inhibitor are the urethane film type; available as clear or red. The red gives an indicator of where the protectant has been applied, but it is important that the electrical connection has been made prior to application.  - Jeff