Circuit Protection for a Down Rigger Connection


I am looking for some advice. I want to wire up two new Scotty down riggers that require a 30amp inline fuse. I am running them on my Blue Sea battery switch on 12gauge Scotty downrigger wire and less than 12 feet. I don’t want to use the cheap inline fuse holders that came with them . I am within 7” of the switch and thinking of using Blue Sea breaker 30amp / 285 series. Will the breakers be ok to use or should I be sticking with an inline fuse ?  Advice appreciated.  - Dirk


Hi Dirk, as you suggest when installing a downrigger, it’s way better to have a thermal circuit as protection then a inline fuse holder because you can easily reset the device without needing to look for a replacement fuse. The Blue sea 285 series breaker is well suited for this.  - Jeff