Charging My Batteries From Multiple Sources


When there are multiple charge sources to a battery i.e. solar, tow gen, etc., how does each controller know what the actual battery voltage is?  Especially when actually the voltage is from another charge source?  Doesn't this cause a conflict of charging profiles when these controller are not talking to each other for the benefit of the battery ? Thanks.  - Jon


The short answer is no, multiple charging sources that are voltage regulated and do NOT interfere with one another. If the battery bank is sufficiently discharged, then all the charge sources could be ‘on’ and recharging the battery simultaneously. As the battery gets to absorption charge, some of those charging sources will reduce and potential stop charging as the battery gets to full. For example, I have (1) battery charger, (6) solar controllers, (1) methanol fuel cell, and (1) alternator on my boat and all can run concurrently.  - Jeff