Can I Charge Two AGM Batteries From an Outboard Alternator?


I have a MacGregor 26 sailboat with a 60hp Yamaha outboard. Also a member of the MYCBC. At a high level can you advise on the feasibility of going with a 2 AGM battery bank in parallel. I really dont have the need for a dedicated starting battery. I carry a lithium booster and theoretically could pull start the outboard. More storage capacity is my goal. In addition, would a 12v to 12v charger make sense for charging from the outboard or would the batteries charge ok from the alternator?  - Alan


Hi Alan, technically, you can definitely wire two AGM batteries in parallel and have this 2 AGM battery bank recharge from an alternator. Your outboard alternator internal regulator should output 14.4 VDC and many AGM batteries will be OK with this charging voltage.  - Jeff